Hulo Films Receives Development Financing Milton’s Secret

Hulo Films receives development financing from SaskFilm towards their new feature film project, Milton’s Secret. The first motion picture to be made based on the teaching of Eckhart Tolle (author of: The Power of Now, and A New Earth)

SaskFilm has been rolled into the new umbrella organization Creative Saskatchewan.

Creative Saskatchewan stimulates the commercialization of creative products and helps Saskatchewan’s creative talent find firmer footing in domestic and international markets. The agency accomplishes this through a suite of grants, mentoring opportunities, marketing activities, and strong partnerships with creative industry associations.

Creative Saskatchewan has been an important part of the Milton’s Secret story through funding for the production and distribution of the film as well as digital initiatives.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the ongoing support of Creative Saskatchewan,” shares Hulo cofounder Ryan Lockwood. “They were one of the first funding groups to see the Milton’s Secret vision and they continue to be a highly valued partner to this day.”

Hulo Films is an award winning content production company with over 20 hours of broadcast television experience. The company develops and produces feature films, television series, documentaries and digital media content across multiple platforms and channels.

Creative Saskatchewan is a leader supporting collaboration, entrepreneurial capacity, innovation and convergence that maximizes leveraged resources, commercial success and market access for Saskatchewan’s creative industries and producers.

They have funded several successful screen-based projects such as “The Sabbatical“, “Basic Human Needs“, Wolfcop, and Wolfcop 2, as well as many successful projects across the creative industries in Saskatchewan.


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