John Gray Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Becomes Milton’s Secret Biggest Fan

John Gray

John Gray Has Positive Things To Say About Milton’s Secret

The film “Milton’s Secret” has been gaining a lot of praise ever since its theatrical and on-demand release. And you can now count bestselling author John Gray as one of the film’s new fans. “I’m so totally inspired,” exclaimed Gray. “This is a movie to inspire people who are going through real challenges in their life.”

John Gray

John Gray

Gray knows much about inspiration as his books themselves have inspired millions around the world to make their relationships better, starting off with his 1992 monumental New York Times bestseller “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” He has appeared numerous times on shows like Oprah and Larry King Live, and has been featured in Newsweek and Forbes magazines as a prominent authority on relationships thanks to his books.

Being also a counselor and lecturer on relationships, Gray was impressed to see a film like this one that shows the real problems that couples and families go through and how they overcame those challenges and found love in their lives.

“It’s well done, with little bits of wisdom sprinkled in,“ Gray remarked.

Aside from the film’s message and story, Gray also loved the acting of the Donald Sutherland who played Grandpa Howard, as well as the music used in the film.

Gray believes this movie will help people discover happiness and create love in their lives.

“I think everybody will enjoy it and walk away with greater self-awareness…and be more motivated to give that life,” he added.

Watch and listen to John Gray talk more about his love of the movie here:

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  1. Carmen Rivera says:

    I had admired Gray for decades. Not only his best seller “Men are from mars…” had help me understand better all my relationships, but even more, his less known book “Children are from Heaven” was a real life saver for me. I read it 18 years ago, right when my son started to have his terrible two’s tantrums. I had recommended ever since. The best and easier to follow parenting guide that had cross my path.

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