How Milton’s Secret Addresses The Issue Of Bullying

How Milton’s Secret Addresses The Issue Of Bullying

Even as a film that talks about positivity in one’s life, Milton’s Secret makes no qualms about depicting how serious bullying can be. This clip below shows a bullying incident the protagonist Milton experiences in school, a scene some can relate all too well, unfortunately.

Bullying is a serious issue children face, especially in schools for a long time. And sadly, it continues to be such a problem for these kids as much as it was during their parents’ time, or even beyond that. Addressing this issue involves more than just observing anti-bullying campaigns which can only go so far.



For Eckhart Tolle, bullying is a product of conditioned behavior brought about by suffering, like whenever children are told at home they are not good enough or that they are “bad.” That conditioned behavior leads some children to find ways to affirm to themselves that they are not the bad children people at home tell them they are. To these children, bullying became a means for them to rid the negative message instilled in them at home so they can feel better. The one bullied at home is transformed to become the bully at school. Or worse, the child’s bullying tendencies may be carried over to adulthood and end up bullying his child. The cycle goes on and on. 

Despite the cyclical nature of bullying, there is a way to end this vicious cycle. And it begins right at home.

Parents have a great responsibility to instill in their respective homes an atmosphere of goodness and affirmation in which their children can thrive in and grow to become responsible and positive individuals. This atmosphere serves not only to prevent children to become bullies but also to empower children and be able to stand up against bullying themselves.

Watch “Milton’s Secret” and be witness as to how presence can bring out positive change in one’s life.

And there is no better opportunity to start creating that atmosphere of goodness at home than today on this Thanksgiving holiday, one of the most cherished holidays families look forward to each year.

Think about it. Thanksgiving is an occasion that itself celebrates the positive attributes of being thankful not only of a fruitful harvest or a sumptuous dinner (as it is today) but also being with the people close to one’s heart: their family. Its celebration is already a time-honored tradition since it was first celebrated by both Pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621 and when Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863, even in the midst of the Civil War raging at that time. So the positive message of thanksgiving and unity has been already ingrained through generations of Americans ever since and has been faithfully kept, even through times of war and uncertainty that have affected the nation greatly since then.

This Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect opportunity to reinforce the positive message of Thanksgiving by creating that atmosphere of goodness and affirmation at home not only for your children but for the future generations as well. With the whole family together on this special occasion, give your children much love and support that they need so they can be able to fulfill their potential in shaping a better future without the spectre of bullying getting in their way of their potential.

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