‘Milton’s Secret’ Exclusive Poster: Eckhart Tolle Adaptation Coming To Theaters This September

The poster for “Milton’s Secret” has been revealed.

Donald Sutherland and Michelle Rodriguez star in this family drama based on the Eckhart Tolle novel. Adapting the spiritual philosophy of Eckhart Tolle is no easy task, but that’s exactly what writer-director Barnet Bain has done with “Milton’s Secret.” Based on Tolle’s 2008 children’s book, the family drama stars William Ainscough as a 12 year-old boy dealing with workaholic parents at home (Mia Kirshner, David Sutcliffe) and bullies at school. When his grandfather (Donald Sutherland) visits, Milton learns rehashing the past and worrying about the future are preventing him from finding true happiness.


The book was written as a way for Tolle to communicate his “power of now” self-help philosophy to children, and it appears the movie will do the same. The author serves as an executive producer on the project, which also costars Michelle Rodriguez. IndieWire is excited to premiere the official poster for the movie below, as well as announce that “Milton’s Secret” will open in theaters September 30 via Momentum.


Poster for Milton's Secret featuring Donald Sutherland


Original Post from IndieWire:

‘Milton’s Secret’ Exclusive Poster: Eckhart Tolle Adaptation Coming To Theaters This September


Comments from the Ryan Lockwood and Stephen Huszar (Producers from Hulo Films) about the poster:

“When eOne shared the poster, I started smiling from ear to ear. The chosen photo shows the essence of the movie –  a young man looking for answers from his grandfather while his grandfather shares the magic of being present.” – Ryan Lockwood, Producer

“I loved the different layers of meaning behind this poster. It adds to the overall theme question of the film “What IS Milton’s Secret?'” – Stephen Huszar, Producer



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