Milton’s Secret and The Wild Horses of our Untamed Minds


Can you go beyond what’s normal?

All stories are teaching tools. For example, stories are at the root of why some believe they’re only as good as the brand of their tennis shoes, or the vehicles they drive.  Stories can reinforce what is already known, or they can lead to new and expanded worldviews.

Life is the dancer and you are the dance - Eckhart Tolle, Milton's Secret

The dance between the storyteller’s worldview, and the audience’s worldview is delicate. If storyteller and audience share the same worldview, the result is usually familiar.  But the alternative can be exciting.

Consider these examples: Linear perspective made no sense until the Renaissance; and, Impressionism was once a fresh and original vision.

Present Awareness in Milton’s Secret

Milton’s Secret explores an alternate worldview called Present Awareness, which has been written about and shared with a worldwide audience by Eckhart Tolle, The Dali Lama, Thicht Nat Han and many others.

Donald Sutherland playing Grandpa Howard in Milton's Secret

Donald Sutherland as Grandpa Howard in Milton’s Secret.

We hope audiences will recognize themselves in Milton’s parents, and through them witness the ‘wild horses of our untamed minds’ in action.

This untamed mind results in behaviors most people consider normal. That is important.  These ‘normal behaviors’ have a counterpoint in Milton’s Secret.

The counterpoint is Grandpa Howard who operates in a totally different understanding of reality.  He lives in the Present.

Presence is experienced differently (and relatively) by mindfulness practitioners—a gamut running from temporary alleviation of their inner mental chatter to an abiding awareness that both the past and future are mental loops of thinking that exist as constructs in the eternal present.

What does that mean?

That reality is a product of thought.

Put another way, it’s the creation of an imagination that is not conscious of itself.  Thus, when we are ruminating about our past or future, it is equivalent to attempting to control a dream from inside the dream.

At an expanded level of self-awareness—and not before that—even savings accounts, life insurances, etc., are realized with great compassion to be developmental attempts to control a dream state that feels very, very real, but wherein only the ego is truly fooled.

This is the meaning of Christ’s verse: Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet heaven feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

Nothing changes until - Barnet Bain, Director of Milton's Secret

When we begin to tap into this foundation of the Presence, understanding it within the context of our reality, we begin to open doors of comprehension that were not once of our own.

As in, The Book of Doing and Being, I have only been able to rediscover and re-brand my own creative work when I stepped out in courage to comprehend a bigger construct.

The Resistance to Presence?

Matrix of beliefs by Barnet BainA matrix of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, choices, decisions, attitudes, and emotions that are the result of other peoples’ schools, religious practices, entertainments, songs, stories, politics, morality, news, art, triumphs and disasters.  The major anchoring influence of this pattern is largely set by the family.

This is the subject of Milton’s Secret.

-Post written by Barnet Bain, Director of Milton’s Secret. 

Dig in deeper. Explore the possibility of evolving from an untamed mind, and see how things can change for you. Watch Milton’s Secret today. 

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