Presence is already innate within us – Eckhart Tolle

Presence is already innate within us; the challenge that remains is to bring the presence to the forefront…

One of the most fundamental concepts that Eckhart Tolle has written extensively about is the transformative power of presence, a concept he first shared in his monumental first book “The Power Of Now.” He describes presence as the state of beingness in which one’s mind is set free from the thoughts that which preoccupation and worry stem from.


All this may sound mysterious and mystical, perhaps some teaching that can only be unlocked after we exert so much time and effort. But the truth is, it is not as profound as we think it is. In fact, this presence is something already within our nature as human beings. And we may not know it, but we actually feel glimpses of it a number of times in our lives, like after a strenuous or dangerous activity.

Hard to believe? Let’s watch this video and hear from Eckhart Tolle himself as he explains this fascinating secret a bit more:

Presence is already innate within us; the challenge that remains is to bring the presence to the forefront and let our lives be transformed by it in a positive manner.

If you don’t know where or how to start tapping that presence in your life, you can read “The Power of Now.” Or watch “Milton’s Secret” and be witness as to how presence can bring out positive change in one’s life.

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