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The Easy 3-Step Process That You Can Use For Handling Disagreements, Power Struggles, And Tantrums

What the People are Saying About Milton’s Secret

Milton’s secret can inspire people
who are going through real challenges
in their life. How to find hope,
how to be inspired, how to find
the power of love in our lives,
because we’re surrounded all day
by stress, stress, stress. We get
messages of fear, fear, fear.
but to soar!

John Gray, teacher in the
The Secret and bestselling author
of You Were Born Rich

And if you’re a parent, a teacher.
A student, uh, if you’re breathing,
check your breath. If you’re alive,
you want to see thi it’s going to
build a, an awareness of an important
issue in our culture. It’s going to
move you. It’s going to open your
heart is going to speak to things
like forgiveness and love and

Jack Canfield, motivational
speaker, spiritual author, and
Founder of Life Mastery Institute.

Milton’s Secret and the small little
things that you can do on a daily
basis to help you shift your perspective
and literally create a new universe
within yourself, outside of yourself,
because as you shift from within
everything in your universe shifts.
So I highly recommend that if you’re
in my community, you’re into universal
laws, you’re into improving your life.
grace and ease.

— Christy Witman, New York
Times bestselling author, Love
for No Reason
 and Happy for No